Priscilla presley dating history

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In 1968 Priscilla gave birth to their only child, Lisa Marie.

“There is a spark between them but they are taking it slowly.According to Priscilla, she'd often just listen to the juke box and write letters to her friends.One day, a handsome man looking somewhere in his mid twenties approached Priscilla. He asked Priscilla, 'How'd you like to meet Elvis Presley? Of course Priscilla agreed, and the night she was to meet Elvis, she wore a white and navy sailor dress. On the evening of Sunday, September 13, 1959, Currie, his wife, and Priscilla drove for forty minutes to get to Elvis' house. When she finally arrived, entered the house, and met Elvis, he'd taken a liking to her right away.The two married in 1967 after a nearly eight-year courtship.The King of Rock was known to carry on affairs with women, including his Hollywood co-stars. "Toby has a thing for older women and is a big fan of Elvis so they hit it off immediately," a source told the paper.

According to The Mirror the pair have mutual pals in America who suggested they meet up, and the rest, as they say, is history.Priscilla - whose role in 'Snow White' comes to an end on 13 January - recently admitted she didn't 'get' panto at first.Sparks are flying between Priscilla Presley and Sir Tom Jones!They added: "Toby often goes to LA so he is hoping things may continue when he goes to America in the next few weeks." Priscilla married Elvis in 1967 and had a daughter, Lisa-Marie, together before they divorced six years later.Meanwhile, Toby is most famed for his friendship with Otis The Aardvark, who was his sidekick during his stint on children's telly.It really is early days but they get on so well.” Tom‘s late wife Melinda Trenchard passed away nearly a year ago, and Priscilla has reportedly been a huge support to him during the difficult time.

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