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While other kids in school were drawing stick figures, I would draw floor plans and layouts of houses.

I actually have a letter I wrote (and was hoping to find it for this post, but it wasn’t where I thought it might be, so I need to keep searching) – but it was a letter I wrote when I was probably in second or third grade, and I guess we had to write “When I grow up…” and I wrote how I wanted to be an interior designer like my mom.

One February afternoon in 2010, Peters was informed a parent was outside waiting to speak with her.

That parent was Jill Easter, and she was irate, accusing Peters of neglecting her 6-year-old son.

We also haven’t included Kandi Burruss, because she was in “Xscape,” and that’s not a fair fight.

Rodney James Alcala (born Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor; August 23, 1943) is a convicted rapist and serial killer.

Kent and Jill Easter were living the California dream. Kent was working at a big law firm making a lot of money, Stanford-educated," said Chris Duff. Not practicing at the time." Kelli Peters, a middle-class wife and mother, practically a second mom to the grade-schoolers at Plaza Vista Elementary in upscale Irvine, California.

Peters prided herself on her after-school arts and enrichment program.

However, just when police believed the case was closed, there came a twist that no one saw coming.

"I've never seen a case where people intentionally went after someone to such a degree in such a vicious attack on someone's character," said Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Chris Duff.

In the end, all that could be called real and true was that we still had no idea how to be teenagers in love. I get that same sort of confused, ) might act as if we don’t give a hoot, but we might like to know a thing or two before embarrassment and mistakes set in. For example, a purple-looking grape can still end up making a white-looking wine, happens all the time.

I’ll take one for the team, admit ignorance on the subject, gather facts and report back at the sleepover this weekend. And you’re wondering what-in-God’s-name is a steam-burger? The reason the wine is white is because the juice utilized to make the wine hasn’t had contact with the skin.

Most of what was being said was likely rubbish, but I still had a few questions after that…

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    But most of the time, Pisces is the anti-Neo, swallowing the blue pill to remain in his delusion. Pisces want to be Spirit, yet he’s stuck doing dishes and suffering through his day job.

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    Photo/Jane Ellyn Hardy, [email protected]) Two University of Georgia associate professors are trying to make lecture classes more personal.