Who is detective benson dating

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Who is detective benson dating - jenna fisher dating

She's self-sufficient, completely fulfilled by her career, and in the past few seasons has had relationships with men (yes, Liv dates!

So, like most of my woman-crushes, I pretty much want to BE Olivia Benson.

Why do women across the world seem to worship this rather gory and violent series?

Is it because Detective Stabler is so damn attractive?

I'm not saying she's without her issues: she's had a rough childhood, being the child of rape, a fact that compelled her career to give voices to the victims of sex crimes; she lost her mother (a drunk) to an alcohol-related death.

She knows nothing about her father, who committed suicide, and lost her partner, the hunky ex-marine Elliot Stabler, also known as the man she's had the most longstanding relationship with. Brief recap of last season's cliffhanger: defeated by a mistrial of one of the series' most sadistic offenders, who has a penchant for holding his hostages at gunpoint, at which time he rapes and tortures them, Benson returns home to her Upper West Side apartment.

Jessica Walter, aka the matriarch from “Arrested Development,” had a role as an attorney in 2009.

Hayden Panettiere appeared as a child back in 2001, and Amanda Seyfried made her debut in 2004. It doesn't matter if this is your first, fifth or fifteenth episode; you can jump into the season at any point.And there are others who have gone on to become big names post- Everyone agrees Ice-T is possibly the worst actor ever. Including plenty about Detective Benson, and Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March). Former beauty queen Mariska Hargitay speaks four languages, is a trained rape counsellor and the daughter of ’50s sex-symbol Jayne Mansfield.His character has a pretty cool gay son called Ken, and he can always be relied upon to hothead it up now Detective Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) no longer around, but the guy can make a serious scene seem comedic, without even really trying. BD Wong, on the other hand plays a super-earnest FBI profiler. Over the years, has covered some pretty high profile cases. She is so popular that she’s now paid a reported 0,000 an episode.“Law & Order: SVU” has garnered a cult following that seems to be primarily composed of women.Boyfriends across the world can testify to this fact, as they are continuously forced to binge watch episodes with their girlfriends on USA. The woman was upset and she, and her group, tried to blow up a building,the FBI stopped them from blowing up the genetic research company in time, but the head of the group escaped.