Validating tickets

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read the tickets titles on the display without moving your card, and press when the ticket title you want appears.Do you have tickets on your card that you want to validate for your travel companions to use?

Optional password authentication for users validating the tickets.

One thing that tourists usually don’t bear in mind, and therefore get fined, is that it is necessary to validate the tickets at the validating machines before entering the metro, or when getting in trams or buses(picture down right).

In the case you have the ticket, but it has not been validated, you can get a fine of up to 900 CZK.

Here is a photo of a validated/composted TGV ticket.

Just left of the barcode is a line reading “P Lyon 2106080926”.

When traveling with a Roma Pass or other RFID (radio frequency identification) card, hold the card next to the yellow sensor on the bus, tram, or Metr turnstile until the green light flashes. Both allow unlimited travel on Metro trains, city buses, trams, and a handful of commuter trains.

Each pass also allows free or reduced entry to selected museums and archaeological sites, with a priority "skip the line" turnstile at the Colosseum.

The different types of ticket look identical on the front, but the data stored in the magnetic stripe and printed on the back side of the ticket is different.

Here's what the back of a single-journey BIT ticket looks like after validation: Another option is the, a transportation and museum card for tourists.

Do you have different types of travel documents on your card and only want to use one of them?

Is your ticket about to expire and you want to validate another one, in order to continue your journey 1. near your card to the centre of the validator within 3 seconds (see picture); 3.

DPMK500 is utilized for validating bar code tickets used system-wide.

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