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It's head-to-blood-drenched-head for Heather and Beki, but ultimately it's Beki who gets to dodge this week's silver bullet. Aaaand then Beki and Sue start arguing about texture, with Beki on the verge of storming out.And to continue the furry theme, the studio has been emptied of make-up and turned into a menagerie/arboretum. It's a flocking thing: Sue believes their tarantula beast needs to reflect the hairiness of a spider when seen close up, while Beki is all about the clean exoskeleton. At the beginning of day three of design, Heather and Rayce are still building an enormous tail for their monitor lizard, Ian and RJ's chameleon looks like an explosion in a concept factory, Tara and Athena have mercifully abandoned their plan to paste on every scale individually, and Matt and Jerry are the latest to fall prey to a model's medical mishap.

Smith, Jared Ronin, Blair Baskin, Sava Kim Ellis, Matt Larkin, Megan Hope-Ross, Aaron Bratcher, Douglas Reid, Claudia Croce-Tashman, Belinda Bernardo, Jeff Hazan, Charley Barr, Anthony Girard, Stan Evans, Steve Hoffmann, Richard Brusa, Nick Kendrick, Will Robertson, Michael Bailey, Alex Davies, Chris Rehnke, Mark Bettencourt, Paul Hogan (III), Raquel Loaiza, Peter Ney, Evan Hyden, Mark Indigaro, David Vanacore, Bruce Dorfman, Keith J.Everyone gets teamed up to create something "stunningly beautiful, but also incredibly deadly" inspired by a plant and an animal. Host Mc Kenzie Westmore can claim that the teams have been randomly selected, but I sense the heavy finger of the editor gods on the randometer. So far we've had a near-drowning, a model passing out, and one who had to have their entire make-up removed because of an allergic reaction.Now Matt and Jerry's model has dry skin and keeps twitching while they try to apply the facial prostheses. I know I was harsh about Asher Roth as a guest judge, but Vivica A. The only presented reason that she's here is that judge Ve Neill worked with her on Batman and Robin. Meanwhile, RJ joins Ian at the front of the pack with their Panther Chameleon/Lady Slipper Orchid hybrid: The only possible weak spot is the face, which is what Heather and Rayce get right with their Firestick'd monitor lizard.Cara a Cara (Face Off) es un Reality Show estadounidense de la compañía de cable Syfy.Se estrenó oficialmente por Syfy el 26 de enero de 2011. As Face Off slowly whittles down the contestants, it sometimes seems that the only way we'll get down to the real top-tier contenders is if they unleash wild animals in the studio. Oh, how you tease, editor gods … What's clear is that this is the blow-up episode.

Now this week's pre-credit sequence is interesting. First we have Tara near to tears when Glenn Hetrick calls a piece "shameful," then it's the trademark beanie of Austin's own Matt Valentine bowing as Patrick Tatoupolos calls someone's work "one of the best I've ever seen." But are those shots related, or just there to increase the drama?

For each assignment, the contestants' work is individually evaluated by a panel of professional special effects makeup artists who serve as judges.

These judges have included Academy Award-winning makeup artist Ve Neill, and television and film makeup artist Glenn Hetrick, creature designer and director Patrick Tatopoulos (Season 1 - 2), and Neville Page (Season 3 - present).

Some episodes also feature a "Foundation Challenge", a smaller challenge that introduces a new technique on a smaller scale, and the winner is awarded an advantage for that week's Spotlight Challenge, ranging from immunity from elimination to receiving a first choice of theme.

The Face Off winner receives The second season added the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid to its prize package.

El 16 de marzo del mismo año, Syfy anuncio que Face Off había sido renovada para una segunda temporada.

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