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For the run of The Joys of Sex, Variety Arts Theatre has been transformed into a mini Sex Theme Park, featuring costumed ushers, a sex-toy lobby concession and naked cartoons in the restrooms.

Ron Bohmer, last seen in The Thing About Men, has the looks and charisma of a top-flight leading man; David Josefsberg astonishes late in the play with his vocal prowess; Stephanie Kurtzuba is bubbly and lovable; Jenelle Lynn Randall is an absolute stunner.

While the emphasis on transactions helps law enforcement to be successful at prosecuting cases involving selling children for illegal adoption, a focus on transactions rather than exploitation results in a prosecution policy that ignores the many forms of exploitation that occur in other trafficking cases.

Keywords: child trafficking, prosecution, Russia, illegal adoption, transactions Please cite this article as: L A Mc Carthy, ‘Transaction Costs: Prosecuting child trafficking for illegal adoption in Russia’, Anti-Trafficking Review, issue 6, 2016, pp. Mc Carthy Como principales ejecutores de las leyes en trata de personas, las fuerzas policiales ayudan a construir cómo se entienden y aplican esas leyes.

Este artículo examina cómo este proceso se ha manifestado en Rusia a través de la trata de menores para la adopción ilegal y los debates que se han dado a este respecto.

El artículo argumenta que una experiencia previa con la legislación anti-trata y narrativas culturales alrededor del tema de adopción, han conducido a reforzar la ley de persecución de casos de trata en encontrar evidencias de transacciones monetarias en vez de centrarse en la explotación.

Or that there's no reason Josefsberg's nebbishy nice guy and Randall's recovering slut should be together, except for a "happy ending." Or that the happy ending, for both couples, is all about settling down, not great sex.

Or that teen memories of Shaun Cassidy and Duran Duran would put these characters close to 40, at which age one should have a more sophisticated attitude toward sex.

Producers of such puerile yet exuberantly performed fare (hello, Menopause the Musical) don't appreciate when rather than just get caught up in the playfulness, one quibbles with all the inanities.

Like that songs about regretting one-night stands, never having an orgasm, masquerading as someone better-looking in an Internet chatroom, and a husband beseeching his wife for a threesome sound more like the miseries of sex.

Back during the Sochi Olympics, Russia banned a gay dating app called Hunters, something of a Russian response to Grindr.

The controversial move was part of the country’s infamous crackdown on “gay propaganda” due to a law that forbids anyone advocating for nontraditional relationships, purportedly for the safety of children.

Then I remembered to take my phone out of airplane mode, and the social network burst to life.

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