Gemini female dating cancer male

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Gemini female dating cancer male

Well, it is somewhere in that depth that you can find the Cancer, who is a Water sign, highly sensitive and very warm, but not willing to accept as many waves as you create by your mere presence! You are comfortable when you wander outside the house, doing many things at the same time, and Cancer is well-known for his/her attachment to home and everything that is related to it.Cancer is too often shy and sensitive, (s)he doesn't show his/her feelings that easily (Cancer is very mysterious, governed by the Moon, the "mother" of mysteries! The Air bubbles don't stay for a long time in the Water, they come out very quickly. Cancer is just like the Crab symbolizing him/her: you can hardly open his/her shell, but once you've opened it, (s)he is as vulnerable as one can be!

You just didn’t bother to look at your friend from all different angles.

Sexually, there is a deep attraction and together, this couple will have a very good imagination so you know the creative sex should never end!

Compatibility Rating: Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects!

Sometimes it happens that you understand your partner after a break. Being highly passionate you like to have fun in love. That is why you are liked by all from peon to boss.

Highly expressive power, intelligence and imagination makes you attracted to someone easily.

If you have found them, you are lucky, your Crab has some planets that help him/her be on the same wavelength with you, but that doesn't mean that your relation will be easy, not even for a moment.

The adolescent of the zodiac, that's what they call you, and adolescents live intensely, think that the world belongs to them, but they seldom reach depth of feelings...Could it be the fact that you don't stay at home too much?Gemini would go outside and have the weirdest sexual experiences, and Cancer would stay at home and wait for the night to be loved by their tender partner.Mercury is the planet which rules Gemini and its volatility makes you restless confused and unpredictable. You like to express your feelings in different ways.Due to this, you don’t know what you want from your partner and that takes you in search of another partner. You easily make friends and get along with anyone without any superficiality.Maybe you won't even know why your Cancer always feels hurt and betrayed...

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