Updating collection management

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Updating collection management

Easily create data entry forms and workflow-control fields tailored to your specific processes and requirements.For customers using Collections Management and/or Company Data Archive (CDA), obtaining product registration keys is now easier than ever.

If subscribers do not make a payment after the grace period, service providers may choose to remind the subscribers at first with a letter or a phone call.

Process Provided the AEP fees have been paid to Professional Advantage prior to the due date, Collections Management and CDA installs will automatically update the registration key. AEP is sometimes referred to as for ‘Update and Support’ or Maintenance plan.

The way it works 7-10 days before the AEP expiration date, provided the client machine has a working internet connection, the system will poll Professional Advantage records to check if fees have been paid.

This is vital to increase your cash flow and reduce bad debt. Get your business to release cash by outsourcing invoices and receivables processes.

We can manage any or all of the following processes involved in invoicing and collection of accounts receivable for you: Outsource accounts receivable services.

Instantly search through your entire collection, or save complex searches to find exactly what you are looking for. You can also track an unlimited range of events such as lectures, openings and previews; all cross-referenced to other TMS modules. With TMS, you have access to over 200 pre-configured reports, including loan agreements, catalogue texts, condition reports and exhibition checklists.

This information can be quickly exported to Word, Excel and Power Point.

Improve your accounts receivable process, accounts receivable reporting and accounts receivable management.

The Museum System (TMS) is the world’s leading collection management software, handling every facet of collections both large and small, from objects and exhibitions to insurance policies, shipping activities, and more.

When you run the Credit Analysis Refresh program, the system includes all the customers with an open balance (regardless of whether the balance is past due) in the Credit and Cash Management table (F03B15) and displays the balances on the Account Balance Inquiry form.

You must select a version of this program that has the processing option set to update the F03B15 table for the program to perform these functions: When you run Credit Analysis Refresh, the system creates a minimum of two records in the Credit and Cash Management table (F03B15) for each customer.

Your customer has the right to expect receipt of an accurate invoice consistent with contract, it is part of the “brand experience” you provide.

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