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La Malfa is a Republican, who bills himself as a conservative and farmer.He vows to represent Modoc County as well as the other counties in the sprawling Second District.

As a scientist, he has generously given valuable service to the United States Government in many capacities. Brown, Jr., Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences Doctor of Laws — Ordway Tead Teacher, editor, educational administrator. Wilky William George Wilson William Gordon Wright Glenn Henry Zimmer [12] NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Joyce Alene Gault, B. 2003 – Matthew Bohnert, Executive Vice President of Operations, Capital One 2002 – Stephen Beebe, President and CEO, J. Mc Glynn, General Manager, Personal Laser Jet Division, Hewlett-Packard 1998 – Sandra Bennett-Bruce, CEO & President, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center 1997 – George Harad, CEO & President, Boise Cascade Corporation 1996 – Ed Dahlberg, CEO & President, St. , Bonnie Hollenbeck, Amy Hunt, Donna Johnson, Katherine Jones, Teresa Jorgensen, Joy M. Prescott, Holly Rasmussen, Rachel Reczek, Nancy Smyth, Megan Stright, Kathleen Sutherland MD, Lisa Uhlmann, Lisa L. Stringer, Corey Surber, Kathleen Swords, Susan Taylor, Laurie Tolmie, Tami Vanderpool, Anne Wilde, 2006 Honorees: Sanya Allmaras, Virginia Aulin, Leah A. Stevens, Chairman/President/CEO Home Federal Bank 2004 – Larry Johnston, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, Albertsons, Inc. Hanks, President, Washington Group International 2000 – Pat Mc Murray, CEO and President, Wells Fargo Bank 1999 – William P. Kostelec, Luana Lamkin, Sherrill Livingston, Laura Mc George, MD, Cynthia A. Rice, Kristin Ruffing, Roberta Russell, Heather Sabala, Laura Alvarez Schrag, Susie Schumacher, Laurie Spiegelberg, Denise M. The Program PROCESSIONAL THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (The first stanza) (Audience unll please remain standing until the Invocation has been pronounced) INVOCATION The Reverend William F. Chaplain of Episcopal students ADDRESS James Lewis Morrill President, University of Minnesota AWARDING OF CERTIFICATES. Roscoe Miller AND CONFERRING OF DEGREES President of the University ADMINISTERING THE OATH OF OFFICE TO CANDIDATES FOR COMMISSIONS Captain Gerald D. Through his brilliant researches as a geneticist he has pioneered a vast new area of biology, physiological genetics, and has made spectacular contributions to our knowledge of the manner of action of genes in heredity. Donald Tosh Ramsay Robert Keene Randall Carmen Aida Ricart Pedro Antonio Ricart Marvin Limbert Richeal William Harrison Rose Hugh Hanlon Ryan Wayne Phillippi Shaulis William De Lime Sheppard Howard Charles Tanner, Jr. Professor of Naval Science CHARGE TO THE GRADUATING CLASS The President of the University CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES HYMN: AMERICA (The first and last stanzas) DELIVERY OF DIPLOMAS The Deans of the Schools BENEDICTION Bishop H. 2015 – Tommy Ahlquist, Gardner Company 2014 – Erica Hill, Owner, Keller Williams Realty Boise 2013 – Sally Jeffcoat, CEO, St. Asher, Lori Blattner, Heather Chambers, Kathy Chambers, Christine Comstock, Michelle Damon, Theresa da Silva, Virginia “Gigi” Davis, Suzie Dustin, Jacqueline Fearnside, Demi Fisher, Rita Franklin, Cece Gassner, Stephanie Genova, Heather Hammerstedt MD MPH, Heather Harrington, Natalie Lemas Hernandez, Morgan Hoffman, Dana Lieberman Hofstetter B. Jones, Kacey Larracoechea, Grendel Levy, Janice Lewis, Liz Littman, Jeanine N. Yergovich 2008 Honorees: Jill Aldape, Jeanne Baughman, Sue Bishop, Kristin Dunn, Patricia Braddock, April Bull, Darlene Carnopis, Melissa Christenson, Dale Conrad, Gwen Crane, Noreen Davis, Shauna Della, Jo Ellen Di Nucci, Julia Dresser, Andrea Du Bois, Keeley Duke, Angela Eckert, Sandra Fery, Libby Gee, Jody Gibson, Joyce Goodman, Raquel Guglielmetti, Bridgett Hanna, Michelle Jensen, Renee Malewski, Linda Martin, Linda Massman, Amy Miller, Sue Nielsen, Karen North, Dana Reid, Sue Oster, Michele Otazua, Patricia Ott, Jane Perlaky, Amber Post, Terrill Rust, Teresa Schwarz, Jennifer Seamons Ruth Stephens, Andrea Thompson, Kathy Winterton 2007 Honorees: Suzie Bell, Carol J. Nelson Edwards, Jennifur Newhouse, Sharleen Olsen, Erin H.

Alphonsus Health System 2012 – Bill Whitacre, CEO, J. Long, CPA, Laura Mc Iver, Kathi Mc Leod, Melodie Mc Quade, Kenna Merrigan, Susan Moore, Ana Moroshan, Jodi Nafzger, Tyley Nelson, FNP, Jennifer Palagi, MPH, Rebecca Poedy-Gibron, Diane Records, RN, MSN, Tawni Sall, Melissa C. Sheirbon, Chris Shelden, Dawn Smith, Sunday – Ada County Courthouse Dog, Karan Tucker, Cydni Waldner, Stephanie Mommsen Werntz, Leigh Wilson, Jennifer Wolcik, Jordan Yankovich 2015 Honorees: Shannon Alder, Annette Alonso, Kathleen Anneke, Melissa Bates, Anne Brauer, Lynda Bruns, Rebecca Campbell, Bonnie Carns, Karen Carpenter, Trisa Clemons, Julie Combs, Michelle Edmonds, Lori Fascilla, Deborah Ferguson, Sherry Fernandez, Cassie Fontaine, Shelley Gable, Linda Gerber, Debbie Grahek, Johanna Hale, Bonnie Heinrich, Heather Hill, Bessie Katsilometes, Shelby Kerns, Amy Kohlmeier, Beth Malasky, Kimberly Maloney, Jaimee Martinez, Karen Metz, Susan Morris, Amanda Myers, Gwen Ohlson, Alicia Parker, Sherry Parks, Christa Patton, Shannon Pearson, Lindsey Pontious – Brist, Megan Poshka, Sarah Reed, Anne Roegiers, Jennifer Shalz, Terry Sellman, Trish Simon, Lynette Standley, Stacie States, Olga Tijerina-Menchaca, Jodi Vanderpool, Renee Watson, Allison Woods, Mandi Zillner 2014 Honorees: Shawna Adams, Toni Ayers, Stacey Baczkowski, Susan Balluff, Tamara Beach, Tracy Bresina, Susan Bundgard, Merry Cole, Reata Conner, Michele de Reus, Amber Dina, Judy Eaton, Hilarie Engle, Dr. Stefanie Fry, Valerie Goebel, Irene Gonzalez, Laura Gorringe, Suzie Hall, Kristine Hamasaki, Deborah Hedden-Nicely, Kara Heikkila, Jenni Hogaboom, Bethany Hughes, Jaymi Hugo, Mary Janowiak, M. Pfaeffle, Nan Phillips, Jodie Quinn, Laura Rankin, Barbara Russell, Christine Swoboda, Donnita Thode, Gemma Van Hole, Anne Veigle 2005 Honorees: Amanda Albers, Cindy Anderson, Trudy Anderson, Linda K.

In addition, as a university teacher, as author, as scholar in the area of the social sciences, and as editor, he has demonstrated rare ability for leadership in many fields. Wild, Vice-President and Dean of Faculties Doctor of Laws — Robert Wood Johnson Farsighted industrialist, able administrator, responsible public servant; leader in manage- ment and in education for management, Brigadier-General in Army Ordnance, sometime Vice-Chairman, War Production Board, and Chairman, Smaller War Plants Corporation, he believes unshakably in the innate dignity of man; by precept and deed he makes explicit his conviction that business must do its work for the good of humanity, that people must live and work together or forfeit freedom.

Presented by Richard Donham, Professor of Business Administration and Director of Graduate Division of Commerce Doctor of Science — Daniel Collier Elkin A man in whose nature are combined the disciplined abilities and rigorous attainments of a surgeon of international repute and the unaffected, kindly, and gentle characteristics of a country doctor of the old school.

MAP Group (UK) carries out planning installation & commissioning, provisioning and service assurance on behalf of major organisations in the UK.

One of our largest customers is Virgin Media; MAP Group (UK) has been a partner to the UK Cable Industry since 1995, providing residential and business Broadband Services throughout the UK.

He's a rice farmer who earned a bachelor's Degree in Ag/Business from Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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