Little intimidating

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We look forward to seeing you at the LHCC this year!Gift cards are available online and in the Pro Shop! Either join an existing league or contact the Pro Shop about scheduling a new league for your co-workers or friends that play golf.

July 22 results ; 1st Place – Kathy Macedo & Sally Billington 2nd Place (Tie) – Gail Sim & Linda Mowles Nancy Moyer & Betty Ferazzi Congratulations to our 2017 Two Day Men’s Member Member winners! The Men’s Spring Member Member is scheduled for June 17th & 18th!

Similarly, we want every dog to be comfortable in their environment so that they don’t feel fearful. Sometimes when a dog is scared, they’ll show fearful body language, such as cowering, pinned back ears, or laying flat on the floor.

But, the reality of the situation is that we live in a big big world that can be really scary for little dogs. If you’re able to, lay down on the ground and place your head around the same height that your small dog’s would be. Other times, that fear can turn defensive and a dog can exhibit aggressive behaviors, such as growling, barking, snapping, or biting.

The easiest way to eliminate these behaviors is to make sure that the dog doesn’t get to that level of fear or anxiety.

Remember, the responsibility of protecting your dog lies with you.

Here are a few things that you can do to help create a comfortable environment for your small dog so that he doesn’t feel fearful or aggressive.

Most of all, it’s so important to be considerate of our small dogs.When I look at a truck like this, all I can think of is the movie “Duel.” Simultaneous to that, I ponder what it must be like to have to restore something so large, given it will likely have to sit idle somewhere while parts are sourced or the engine is rebuilt. This 1961 Mack B61 truck here on e Bay is listed for ,000 or best offer and represents an era of commercial-grade work trucks that still brought a fair amount of style to the party, in addition to their tough-as-nails reputation.The seller mentions it was special-ordered when new, and it makes me wonder what that translates to in the trucking world.However, sometimes people associate little dogs with certain undesirable behaviors, such as yappy barking, ankle biting, cowering when people approach, or increased aggression when approaching their space.It’s important to consider why these behaviors are happening so they can properly be addressed. It isn’t okay for any dog to be biting or engage in other aggressive behaviors, no matter what size they are. That type of intimidating environment can be very scary for a small dog.Your supply of ammunition is limited by its cost, the amount of space you have to store it, and (in survival situations that require you to leave your home) the weight you can carry.

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