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From a marketing perspective, Uniqlo has to connect not only with consumers in cities where it already has brick-and-mortar shops, but also with people in places where it doesn't yet have a physical presence.

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I will give a free glass piece of your choice from my headshop Blazedup and plug your website if you have one. The top ten stoner girls contest at the end of the year will win free paraphernalia from my 420 Online Headshop."It's important that we try to serve every customer that has potential in China," said Jalin Wu, Uniqlo's chief marketing officer for Greater China, and one of Ad Age's 2015 Women to Watch China honorees for her work building Uniqlo's brand by connecting online and offline experiences.And while other fashion brands tend to be more seasonal in their communication, "we want to have an everyday, all-the-time conversation with customers, no matter if they're in the store or out of the store -- we want to really make it part of their enjoyment of everyday life, like coffee, like Coca-Cola," said Ms.Xiao accepted the request and started up a conversation immediately.The young woman called herself Ziyan (紫烟: "Purple Haze"), from Xiamen, and told Xiao that she had just gotten in from Milan and was headed back in a few days.Editor's note: The following was translated and edited from a report that appeared on the Chinese financial news site CF8cn.

It tells the story of a young man who answered a friend request from an attractive woman on the Chinese instant messaging service We Chat, then checked into a hotel with her after meeting in person.Chinese students in Vancouver and Richmond are being targeted in an international “sex-for-credit” scam run on the Chinese social networking app We Chat.We Chat is a texting service which Chinese international students in Vancouver use not only to chat, but to locate other users in public areas and trade food, cosmetics and toys.How the scam works is this: male students are approached on We Chat by what appear to be sexy female students; believing the person associated to a We Chat photo avatar is real, the men are engaged in friendly chatting, sometimes exchanging sexy pictures, and eventually the We Chat friend mentions that she dabbles in prostitution and will offer “services” for a fee.What they don’t know is the person they are texting with is a scammer, and likely a man. I” — a student interviewed by Ming Pao News who did not want his name revealed — he was told two hours of sex would cost 0 and he could enjoy services all night for 0.So if your a hot stoner chick who likes to smoke pot, submit your photo.