Dating without driving

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Dating without driving - Free webcam sex community

There is a wide range of other more specific offences which, for the sake of simplicity, are not shown here.

Advice on the phone as needed throughout the process.

It’s very easy to ignore those calendar reminders that it’s time for the annual car MOT and put it off for another day.

But those that do not only risk a large fine, they would also invalidate their car insurance, so that if they have a crash, they’d have to pay for repairs, or possibly even a written off car, themselves.

It is for the courts to decide what sentence to impose according to circumstances.

The penalty table indicates some of the main offences, and the associated penalties.

A third of motorists have admitted to driving a car without a valid Ministry of Transport test, otherwise known as the MOT certificate – and some drivers say their illegal road use has gone on for as long as six months, according to a survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

SMMT found that of the third who had driven without an MOT, 67 per cent said they put off getting the certificate for up to a week, while 24 per cent had gone a month, seven per cent for up to six months and two per cent for more than six months.MOT’s are needed annually when a car reaches three years of age to make sure it is in a roadworthy condition.The maximum a garage can charge for this is £54.85 (excluding VAT) but many offer the service for less.Driving without an up-to-date MOT certificate for your car isn’t to be taken lightly.Many drivers think it’s something they don’t have to worry about too much and that having it done even a few months after the expiry date is fine.Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show how common an attitude this is with a third of car owners admitting to having driven a car without a valid MOT certificate.

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