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Only governmental announcements and filings in Canada and the US have revealed the identity of that buyer, as the terms of the contract preclude such an admission directly from GDLS. But even a quick analysis tells us how useful this deal will be to sustaining the industry in North America.

When protests in Hong Kong exploded, knowledgeable people looked for US involvement. The overt intrusion of the US is available in budgets, documents and websites; the covert involvement has not yet been uncovered but is no doubt there.

What does US involvement mean for the credibility of the protest movement and the future of Hong Kong? The issues raised by the protests, lack of democracy and an unfair economy, are very real.

Christians in Iraq and Syria have been massacred en masse, Shia Muslims have been persecuted, their faith belittled and chastised by radicals on Riyadh’s payroll,” Sufyani told Mint Press News.

“Worse still,” he added, “the kingdom has simultaneously funded a grand regional anti-Shia political campaign to better ostracize its political and religious representants while the world’s communities have become accustomed to such public flagellation.” But if religion has been propelled to the forefront of this engineered divide, the root cause of Saudi Arabia’s ire remains tied up to geo-economics — namely, control over oil and gas resources.

The Chinese People’s Daily quoted a Chinese-American author who wrote the Occupy Central leadership, Yin Haoliu, said: “Democracy is a step-by-step process that cannot be approached in haste, otherwise it will bring about troubles.” How quickly those steps advance depends, in part, on how well the democracy movement organizes.

Now that the US has been exposed, it needs to be removed.The plan was reportedly “toughened up” in the wake of last week’s Panama Papers revelations.But Koen Roovers, lead EU advocate for the Financial Transparency Coalition, a network of civil groups and governments working to reform financial systems,denounced it as “a half-hearted hybrid that would keep most of the world in the dark.” The Commission had initially planned to impose so-called country-by-country reporting only for companies’ activities in each of the 28 EU states.For one thing, “the Commission’s proposal only requires reports for EU member states and countries on what is likely to be an arbitrary list of tax havens,” said Oxfam’s EU tax policy advisor, Aurore Chardonnet, on Tuesday.“The Commission criteria to list tax havens are already absolutely vague,” she explained, “and we also expect EU member states to delay or oppose the process of compiling an official EU list.” Action Aid’s EU tax advocacy officer, Kasia Szeniawska, echoed that charge, saying the “yet-to-be-agreed list of tax havens…is likely to be selective and highly politicized.” Indeed, it is unclear if one of the world’s worst tax havens, the United States, will make the list.We further can surmise that the order is for large, wheeled armored vehicles, and for four reasons: That deliveries will not begin until 2016 suggests that some modest development work remains, so most likely, the winning product is some extension on GDLS’s Piranha V prototypes.