We are dating now ep 16

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has concluded its seventh season with an episode high on shocks, emotion and fist-pumping thrills (not to mention an unexpected cameo from a deceased character).Viewers will also have noticed that the episode was 'in loving memory of' somebody called Bernie Wrightson - but who is he?

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When a sweet weightlifter comes across an ambitious but emotional swimmer, the two form a connection.

Sure, we knew Raj’s wealthy parents paid for his pricey gadgets and other non-essential goodies, and we knew he’s never mentioned any money concerns, save that time his father threatened to cut him off in season eight’s “The Graduation Transmission.” But in this week’s episode, when Raj’s father tells him that he no longer even attempts to arrange a marriage for him because a grown man with a steady job who still expects his parents to pay for his life isn’t exactly the love connection the ladies are looking to make, well, even the un-self-aware Raj has an aha moment. When his friends point out that he makes the same amount of money as they do, and could therefore pay his own expenses, they try to help him plot out a rough budget. As for the aforementioned Shamy, they deal with another of those aforementioned roadblocks in tonight’s episode, as Sheldon learns an important lesson about privacy and which intimate details of a couple’s life should and should not be shared with friends, acquaintances, or the lady who cuts the crust off your sandwiches in the work cafeteria.

Fingers crossed for an uptick in the quality of Raj’s romantic pursuits, especially given those rumors about an imminent two-season renewal for . ), there will be a need for many more stories, and there will only be so many more roadblocks to the inevitable Sheldon and Amy marriage.

Wrightson was an American artist best known for co-creating popular horror character the Swamp Thing as well as an array of other popular horror comics.

He began as a newspaper illustrator in the 60s before moving onto comic books working with publishers ranging from DC to marvel through to Pacific.

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Wrightson retired in January due to his battle with cancer. The news was announced by his wife Liz who posted a statement to the artist's official website.

His work was no doubt a key influence on many of the production team working on The Walking dead - namely executive producer, director and makeup guru Greg Nicotero who dedicated a walker in the series last season.

Raj calls his father and tells him he will no longer accept his cash, that he plans to live on his own dime going forward, and his dad is proud of him.

Raj feels even more hapless when both Howard’s house and Sheldon’s old room in Leonard’s apartment are offered up as alternatives to whatever the rent his current abode costs his father, as he acknowledges taking advantage of his friends is no better than continuing to suckle at the financial teat of his indulgent parents.

She grew up with her dad, a former weightlifter and a chicken restaurant owner, and her uncle, a wannabe actor.

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