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He said he searched the internet for the age of consent after a training session, but added: ‘It had nothing to do with (her).‘We were having a discussion in the dressing room about a programme that was on a couple of days ago about different ages and things like that.

Remember that you don’t know anything about the other chat room users, except what they choose to tell you.What Warrecker apparently doesn’t know, is he’s really been chatting with an adult decoy from Perverted-Justice.That’s an online watchdog group Dateline uses as a consultant to do what it normally does, go into chat rooms, mostly at Yahoo and AOL, set up computer profiles, and—in this case —pretend to be children—under the age of 14 who are interested in sex.If there’s anything else you wanna tell us about why you’re here and what you’ve been doing, we’d like to hear it.If not, you’re clearly free to walk out the door you came in.Allowing yourself to be pressurised into a meeting. It is wisest not to do this at all, but if I cannot talk you out of it, take at least two friends with you.

Meet in a public place and do not divulge your address.Tell at least two people where you are going and when you could be expected back.Preferably don't go at all - not unless you take at least two people with you. Call yourself Sex Bomb or Dreamstud and you are bound to attract the attention of sickos who cannot get their jollies in the normal social way – ask yourself why this is? 7 things to never do to your vagina MY STORY: I made the brave choice to keep my leg SEE: 9 nasty effects smoking has on your body Real-life sleeping beauty sleeps for 16 hours a day Don't vaccinate your children? 5 foods that stop hair loss Rare sinus cancer can now be found via blood test Weightlifting with your vagina can beat incontinence 9 most common street drugs Limpopo centre takes care of ‘bored’, ‘beer drinking’ pensioners Tips to get the best out of your visit with your doctor Vha Venda king: ‘I love people with mental illness’ Don't vaccinate your children? England footballer Adam Johnson has told a jury he did not have oral sex with a 15-year-old girl.Johnson began giving evidence in his trial at Bradford Crown Court, accused of sexual activity with a child. But never underestimate the level of danger lurking in chat rooms. And besides, isn’t it more fun talking about personal things to real people? Real contact with friends is a lot more meaningful in the long run than internet chats with faceless strangers, except if you are very shy and have no friends.

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