Consequences of liquidating ira

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However, if you are covered by an employer plan and make too much money, or if you simply elect to make a nondeductible contribution, you do not deduct the contribution on your taxes.

Typically, people contribute to a traditional IRA to take advantage of the tax deduction for the contributions.

The taxable amount must also be included in your taxable income.

The additional tax increases to 25 percent if you take the distribution from a SIMPLE IRA within two years of the date you first began participating in the plan. The first applies to individual retirement accounts, both traditional and Roth IRAs.

But when you take a distribution from your IRA, 401(k) or another retirement savings plan, you must generally include it as taxable income.

The withdrawal may also be subject to an additional penalty tax of 10 or even 25 percent.

However, before you liquidate and throw a party, consider both the taxes and the early-withdrawal penalties that apply to non-qualified distributions.

For traditional IRAs, if you're not 59 1/2, your distribution is non-qualified.

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If this is a qualified account (IRA, or 401(k)) there is no tax implications for rolling it over to another account.

The remaining portion of your nondeductible IRA distribution is subject to income taxes and penalties.

If you take an early distribution from your nondeductible IRA, you must pay a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty.

For Roth IRAs, your account has to be at least five tax years old and you have to be either 59 1/2, permanently disabled, or using no more than ,000 to buy your first home.