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He recalls being in a meeting talking about their music when someone brought it up. Yup, I guess I'm a red neck." Soul Glow says the highlight of the album for him is the song "Paycheck".

He was on quite the standard (albeit ambitious) life track, at the time.If they are not already in the system, we will add them and begin tracking from now forward. To submit multiple users, enter one per line or separated by commas.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.He made small video blogs, which he posted on a personal channel that has since been deleted.Enter any Username below and we will search for that users stats.The band's press release claimed 'III' to be a throwback to their first album.

When asked about this by The Christian Post, Soul Glow agreed.

"The first album was very aggressive while our second album was more dance-like.

We wanted to give the fans what they wanted and not run away from being red neck ghetto kids." In fact, the singer said he came to the realization he was a red neck while visiting Los Angeles.

Family Force 5, consisting of Solomon Jerome Olds (Soul Glow Activatur), Jacob Olds (Crouton), Joshua Olds (Fatty), Nathan Currin (Nadaddy) and Derek Mount (Chap Stique), have with their head-spinning fusion of punk, rap, post-hardcore, funk, dance and electronica brought something very fresh to the Christian music scene, much to the bemusement of parts of the Church. We want to make music that is for God, but at the same time, we want to make music that people enjoy and that they're not turned off by." In January this year, the band released a five-song EP for diehard featuring previously unreleased songs and alternative versions of others.

When asked about their "Love Addict" video, Soul Glow Activatur commented, "They went Sandi Patty all over again. And most times, it's people that don't understand new art, new videos. Prior to that Tooth & Nail released the 'III' album in October 2011.

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