Updating a kitchen on a budget

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Using ‘dust free’ chalk will help, and I just try to wipe it up every few days.

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At ¼ to 3/8 inch thick (instead of 2 to 3 cm), tiles cost less and make for easier carrying and installation than slabs. However, grout lines break up the appearance and can be tough to clean. One new option for laminate is curved edge treatments, such as bullnoses and ogees, which eliminate those telltale dark lines where edges meet, making it hard to identify a laminate counter as such. Related: The Granite Look for Kitchen Countertops Is Just a Spray Away Whether driven by a desire to simplify or by simple economics, kitchens look considerably more minimalist than a decade ago. In appliances, that means paneled, integrated refrigerators and dishwashers.

That might shape the layout of your kitchen or what small features are important.

When people walk into your home, you hope the first rooms they see make a good impression.

Because it’s amazing how even the smallest change can energize your kitchen and spice it up! Chalkboard Wall Have you ever thought about painting a chalkboard wall in your home? I originally wanted one so I could write out the weekly menu (and therefore remember what the heck I planned to make), but it’s become so much more. It was a warm day, so the project took about an hour total including prep and cleanup, but not including the breaks for dry time.

My husband created a calendar and my kids love scribbling all over it. Once dry, I added a rail from IKEA and these two buckets to hold the chalk.

In fact, all of the ideas below cost less than 0, and some are close to free. We used Rustoleum chalboark paint (I got a can at Home Depot in the paint aisle for about ) and rolled it on.

How’s THAT for a good excuse to get cranking on that kitchen update you’ve been dreaming of? I did several thin coats, letting them dry in between.

Even a minor kitchen remodel costs an average ,856! “When making the investment in updating your kitchen, the key is to focus on what you will enjoy most and will also appeal to future homebuyers,” says Michelle Sanchez, an interior design expert with Renovation Realty in San Diego.

Here’s how to spend less, and get a bigger impact for your buck: “Most people don’t realize all the things they need to buy for their kitchen remodel,” says John Bodrozic, co-founder of Home

Here are our favorite simple-but-inexpensive fixes for the most functional room in your home.

White kitchens are classic and clean looking (at least in pictures). A fresh clean coat of pristine white paint may be all you need to make your kitchen feel shiny and new. Painting cabinets is a time-consuming job that requires a lot of prepping and priming.

Cabinets not only look less showy with simpler door styles and less moulding, they have more interior organization accessories to keep clutter at bay.

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