Dating in homestead

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But it wasn’t just the terrain that could do a traveler in—another threat came in the form of Indian raids that ran rampant in the area.Dating back to the 1940s, this photo showcases the Huebner-Onion Homestead, said to be one of the most haunted places in San Antonio.

Their progeny include President John Quincy Adams and Dr. Leading up to the American Revolution, the residence was a meeting place for many American Patriots such as John Adams, Josiah Quincy and John Hancock.Homestead was one mile long, divided into “Uptown” and “Downtown” by a large apple orchard. They had purchased the hotel in 1932 and ran if for many years. In 1949, Bill and Connie (Moerschel) Zuber purchased The Homestead Hotel from the Eichacker’s and transformed it into Bill Zuber’s Dugout Restaurant.With the influx of salesmen and travelers due to the stagecoach stop and railroad, it was determined that a hotel was needed to house the travelers. They were able to telephone Amana for help, and thankfully the winds died down which slowed the fire. Bill Zuber was a Middle Amana native and Connie was a Homestead native. In 1850 a stagecoach stop was built in “downtown” Homestead.By 1856 Henry Sprague platted it as a village site, consisting of 4 blocks divided by two streets: State and Plum. The Homestead served as a home for five generations of Quincys, one of the leading families of Massachusetts.

Special arrangements may be made for private group tours by contacting our office at 617-742-3190 or emailing [email protected] Take the Southeast Expressway (Routes 3 and 93) to Exit 8 for Quincy, Furnace Brook Parkway. Its majestic Georgian frontispiece and gambrel roof, with distinctive dormer windows, give the building a stately and substantial appearance.

You see, Huebner’s property was excellently situated between Bandera and San Antonio—it was perfect for reeling in those travelers who were all too aware that the ride between the two towns in the dead of night was unsafe.

The terrain was a death-trap on its own, with muddy soil prone to slipping up horses or carriage wheels.

To effectively and efficiently guide individuals, children and families towards independence and safety.

To improve the quality of life for the residents living and playing in our community using strong community collaboration.

In 1859 the Mississippi & Missouri Railroad came to Homestead.

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