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While many were stunned and offended by his deceitful ways, he intrigued viewers and brought huge ratings to the show.He was very smart and clever and found many hidden Immunity Idols without even having any clues to where they were.

He also made it to the final three in his 2010 second season, which immediately followed and in which the "Survivor: Heroes Vs.Monica Padilla surveys her surroundings, running her hand against obsidian-colored walls, her fingertips slick with oil.She sees flames roaring in the fireplace, ablaze not with logs, but with socks.Russell Hantz, best known for his Survivor stints, posted to Twitter that he believes that he has what it takes to win Big Brother.Of course, that started the speculation that he was cast on Big Brother 19.Julie Chen said that CBS hopes to revamp the Big Brother series because the series has gotten a little stale over the past few season.

Chen agreed with the Big Brother fans that the show has become too predictable."Many consider him to be one of the show's greatest and most influential contestants, while others have strongly criticized his strategy, naming him one of the biggest villains in Survivor history." So says Wikipedia.Russell Hantz was one of he most controversial players to star in the TV reality series "Survivor".She also said that in recent seasons, there were no big blindsides or power moves.Julie believes BB19 will be action-packed and full of drama.He was remembered mainly for giving up individual immunity, which lead to his blindside at the final five Tribal Council.

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