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An avid film viewer for as long as she can remember, Yvonne has lived and worked in the UK, US, East Africa and Asia.

So when you start a conversation with a Taiwanese woman chances are she'll be open to talking to you. Taiwan has been exposed to the West for longer than most other Asian countries.Do many Taiwanese women surround you and you want some Taiwanese dating tips?After living in Asia, going to Taiwan and meeting expats who have happy dating lives with Taiwanese ladies - this is what I've discovered so far."Five years ago, when I was at an airport waiting to catch a plane, I happened to be near a bookstore, and I saw a girl moving very quickly past it," Pang says."She was running to catch a plane and suddenly turned back, picked up a book on display in a bookstore, and bought it before running off again.Badoo is the most famous site of meetings does not belong to a chain of traditional dating.

As film editor, Yvonne Teh oversees the film coverage in the South China Morning Post's 48 HOURS magazine, The Review and the Arts & Entertainment page.

The first group, English teachers, have by far the worst reputations.

The buxiban system of education in Taiwan has a life of its own.

" data-title="Yvonne Teh" data-html="true" data-template=" Pang Ho-cheung's latest film, Women Who Flirt,is based on a book. Yet the source material, Everyone Loves Tender Women, by Taiwanese author Luo Fu-man (aka Lover Man), is not a novel but a self-help manual of sorts.

That kind of book may seem an odd choice for a screen adaptation, but 41-year-old Pang says the way he came across the guide piqued his interest in exploring what was inside.

"She caught my interest, because she managed to notice that book even though she was in a hurry.

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    And when it comes to, shall we say, couples, no one tops the open-minded pairings found in dating sims.