Assembly god christian dating

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Assembly god christian dating

) but also to set the record straight that being single is not some type of disease, stigma or disqualifying condition.Single People Are Complete People There is a misnomer in our society.

A timberline is an imaginary line where nature suddenly changes–such as when the line of trees suddenly disappears on the mountain.

Tinder might be the go-to dating app for all the singles out there, but following in its footsteps, many other niche dating sites have popped up, claiming to help you find your perfect match.

One such niche sector is the Christian community, and Collide, a new dating app launched on April 18 Similar to most dating apps of the day, Collide Christian dating app needs you to sign up using your Facebook account.

Once you’re done with that, you’re asked two questions – one, your gender, and two, your favorite Bible verse.

You know, so that your potential matches might use it as a conversation starter.

Too few pastors are willing to cover these topics.” The result of New Life’s unabashed proclamation of truth?

“[W]e have an active stream of people coming to Christ at New Life.” A pastor at New Life told me that over the last two years, the average Sunday congregation at the church has grown more than 35%, from about 300 to over 400 people.It is the thought that we have to find someone else to be our other half or that we have to be married to be complete. It does not teach that He created two half beings that when they come together they are complete, but instead it teaches that both male and female are complete creations formed in His image.This is totally against what the Bible teaches concerning the nature of man. The nature of marriage is not final completion but a miraculous union of two complete people becoming one.And like most current crop of dating apps, Collide Christian dating app is location-based, and coughs up matches based on that and age.After you’ve set up your profile, it’s fairly simple to navigate through the app, which is similar to Tinder. That happens at times when people say or do things that are contrary to the things I hold dear or contrary to biblical teachings or both. I was sitting down having dinner with some friends of mine who are in pastoral ministry and looking to retire.