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I think you'd mostly just get blank looks from people.You may also be wondering if most of them are in the United States and Canada.I'm also curious about the breakdown of age and education.Auckland holds the distinction of being the most isolated city with a population in excess of 1 million – the nearest city of such size is Sydney, Australia, 2,169 km (1,348 mi) away!Prior to 2003, indoor prostitution in New Zealand was governed by the Massage Parlours, which allowed brothels to operate in the guise of massage parlours.The Nevis Swing is the fastest and biggest swing the world has ever seen. AJ Hackett take their customers safety very seriously and would not have made the decision to cancel the swing unless it was absolutely necessary to ensure your safety.

I understand you have re booked for next week so hopefully you will enjoy the experience then. When we arrived for our activity, we had to send our booking email through to the activity organizers - would be better if the email was sent to both the person booking AND the activity organizers in the first instance.

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GLAM CAMPING COUPLES PACKAGES GIFT VOUCHERS CONTACT US Castaways Resort Glam Camping sites are located in secluded picturesque settings which showcase the best that nature has to offer.

is said to be a trendy, modern cruise ship based in Southampton, England, and is arguably best suited to couples and singles looking for a large, adults-only ship, with entertainment geared towards British tastes, an informal setting and plenty of public rooms.

sails to New Zealand on a round-the-world voyage and carries mostly British passengers.

Each Couples Glam Camp features an ensuite, kitchen, king bed, central heating, indulgent outdoor bath and a stunning setting.