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I know this because I have spent a large chunk of my life being in love with famous men.Once upon a time it was Zac Hanson from Hanson, then it was Erik-Michael Estrada from O-Town, and now it's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction and Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. Knowing that MGG and I would be a perfect fit and trying to figure out how I could possibly ask him out so he could see this.

When Ashley was three years old, his parents divorced.This tactic resulted in his ascent to the position as top employee in the entire store chain based on customer feedback.Always drawn to performing, at 16 he signed with a small talent agency in his hometown and began searching for opportunities to work in entertainment.The latter of which was nominated for “Song of the Year” at the Radio Music Awards in 2001.By 2003, O-Town found themselves amidst an industry that was beginning to experience dramatic changes, former mentor, Lou Pearlman’s, legal battles and eventual conviction regarding embezzlement of more than 0 million, as well as a complex contract that left the group in dire financial strain.If you want to join our club, you have to be sure the following 11 facts of life apply to you.

Bonus: all 11 are told in GIF form by my three favourite celebrity men, because I'm nothing if not wholly dedicated to them.

Ashley went on to voice characters in many popular Sega and Play Station video games, including the lead character Alex in the classic Lunar: The Silver Star.

During his teenage years, Ashley also worked the game help phone lines at Working Designs, and as a lifeguard at both a local water park and Whiskeytown Lake. While there, with each transaction, he would sweet-talk customers into filling out the feedback card he included with their purchase and asked them to mention him if they felt he did a good job.

Being cheap, of course, is ostensibly part of the kick, but even by those standards “Dead 7” sounds like a description of how much was spent on production, with a climactic battle in a “town” that amounts to a couple of shacks.

Most of the budget seemingly went into the endless gunning down of Apocalypta’s minions, and honestly, once you’ve seen a few dozen zombie heads blown up at close range, you’ve seen ‘em all.

In addition to starring as one of the taciturn heroes, Carter receives producer and story credit on the movie, which was written by Sawyer Perry and directed (well, kind of) by Danny Roew.

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