Accommodating individual differences classroom

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Accommodating individual differences classroom

Both of these strategies are important to improve the ability of students with disabilities to participate and progress in the general education curriculum.

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" He goes on to say, "At present, no one knows much about which students best achieve which goals with which experiences, but I would bet that the mere presence of several alternatives would result in educational gain." According to Dunn and Dunn, there are three basic learning styles — auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Some personality types benefit from having a close relationship with their instructors, while others are perfectly content gaining information by themselves.

This is exemplified by the 4MAT system developed by Bernice Mc Carthy.

The 4MAT system is a direct instruction approach to teaching that utilizes research on brain lateralization dominance and learning style to identify specific instructional events that will be attractive to a specific type of student.

One answer is to deliver the content of your course in multiple ways.

According to Wilbert Mc Keachie in his book Teaching Tips, "Even large universities and large classes can provide for individuality.

Retrieved [date], from are a variety of individual differences that must be of concern to classroom teachers.

The second approach is to provide some sort of grouping, either between classes or within the classroom itself, in order to reduce or accomodate for the variability with respect to student background, achievement, ability or some other characteristic.

This is the approach used by Bernice Mc Carthy, developer of the 4MAT system.

First, you can develop events of instruction that take them into account as part of the instructional process.

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