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Login to the Admin Dashboard, select the Widget you want to add an SMS number to and navigate to your Settings tab. You will receive a payment confirmation popup confirming that you would like to add this charge to your current plan. At this time, the $25 monthly charge will be applied to your current plan. Please note that you can only attach one SMS number to a widget and that is why the “Add text-to-chat number” button will now be grayed out. This number is now tied to that widget and will route to the agents’ chat portal when they are online.

Once a number is released, it will no longer be available for your use.

Now you can spread word about your new SMS Live Chat option.

Many of our SMS feature users advertise their phone number on their web pages, business cards, or flyers to get the word out.

is an instant messaging app that allows you to chat for free on your Black Berry. to exchange messages with anyone who has the app installed on their Black Berrym, i OS device or Android phone. IDs then add others' IDs to your contacts book in the application.

Just tap on a name and you can start text chatting with them.

Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game or a trade show, camping in the wild or at a concert, or even travelling abroad, simply fire up the app with a friend or two and find out who else is there.

The visitor can send images and text to the agent from their mobile device!

*Agents cannot send files/pictures to the visitor at this time* Please refer to the Communication Channels article for a guide on how to configure auto-greeting messages and how to respond to offline cases.

Smartphone have absolutely transformed the way we interface with one another over the past few decades.

Here are few popular “Free Mobile Apps” that will let you traverse the distance between you and your pal via voice calls, texts and images by allowing you to share your live moment instantly with a simple touch button anywhere around the Globe.

The opportunity to connect with your dear once in this century is simply easy.