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He meets up with her in a nearby restaurant, much to Miller’s amusement, and the pair have quite the pleasantly awkward first dinner. She also had roles in World War Z and Season of The Witch on the big screen, as well as Atlantis, The Bastard Executioner and Silent Witness. Rhys starred in Torchwood back in 2007, playing the 1940s girlfriend of the real Captain Jack Harkness (played by Matt Rippy). In the meantime, here's what we imagine his dating profile looks like... Meet Elen Rhys, a Welsh actress who you’ll probably recognise if you’re a fan of Ordinary Lies.

Our website uses cookies to give you the best browsing experience.Influenced by John le Carr and falling distinctly on the 'stale beer flavoured' side of spy fiction, it features thoroughly-researched tradecraft gleaned from former officers and is steeped in intelligence gathering minutae concerning dead-drops, undercover operations, and suspect trailing.To maintain its conceit of anonymity, the episodes themselves have no credits, although they are available on the DVD releases and on the BBC3 "week in advance" airings.With analysis from Maggie Alphonsi and David Flatman, and commentary by Nick Mullins and Catherine Spencer (subtitles) George meets a young man who bought a 70-year-old boat for £5,000 that he intends to turn into a home, and to find a shipmate to help with the restoration, he turns to an internet dating site.There is also a cricket-mad grandad building a mini pavilion in his garden, with the 1950s-inspired build incorporating bats, bails and even a boundary rope alongside an ingenious bunk bed that with the pull of a chord transforms into a sofa.Even Better Than The Real Thing is offering you the hottest ticket in town, for a night of performances from Tribute mega stars such as Whitney Houston, Little Mix, Michael Buble, George Michael, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey!

David Mitchell hosts the BBC Radio 4 panel game in which panellists are encouraged to tell lies and compete against one another to see how many items of truth they are able to smuggle past their a BBC drama revolving around a team of MI-5 officers who must juggle their professional lives, working to protect the British state from domestic threats, whilst living semi-anonymous private lives shrouded in secrecy, misdirection, and false identities.Its inaugural series won the BAFTA for Best Drama in 2003, and it was responsible for a surge of interest among Britons in joining the real MI-5, which both bemused and annoyed the organization.Jill Douglas presents coverage of both teams' second Pool B contest, held at Billings Park UCD in Dublin.England are the defending champions, while Italy have qualified for the first time since 2002.The cast is set to include Robson Green, Sue Johnston, Polly Walker and James Murray.

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    Then in 2005, Carmen attended World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany, where she met others who were “on fire for God” and she felt the first inkling of what would become her vocation.

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