Who is dating john cusack

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John Cusack has come on board the independent thriller “Broken Ridge.” Greenlight International will be introducing the project, to be shot in Alabama this summer, to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.Lucky Mc Kee is directing from a script by Raul Inglis and Joshua Wagner.

He began receiving wider recognition since, resulting in offers to star in more promising features.

In her segment on The Talk, the Oscar-nominated stunner said she initially got into show business as a musician, but the success of her acting career - buoyed by parts in films such as Sleepers and Grosse Pointe Blank, prior to her breakout role in Good Will Hunting - took her on a different path.'The films blew up and some sane adult said, "You should really go with the flow of what's happening, you know you should go down the path of least resistance - don't just dig your feet in and say you've got to do this, because you'll always do this anyway,"' Driver said.

The charismatic British beauty said that advice was on the money, as she 'never stopped playing music' even though she took a different career path.

When he was 17, he got the chance to make his first feature film appearance in the teen comedy "Class".

With effacing humor as his trademark, he was billed to star in numerous films then, including "Sixteen Candles" (1984), "Better Off Dead" (1985), and "One Crazy Summer" (1986).

2004 - 2004Rebecca Romijn and John Cusack were rumored to be an item after she announced her separation from hubby John Stamos in 2004.

She called him a "very good friend," and a rep for the actress denied she was in a relationship.

Cusack and Mc Kee teamed up in the chase thriller “Misfortune,” which was shot last year in Georgia and is currently in post-production.

“Don’t Breathe’s” Daniel Zovatto and Willa Fitzgerald also star, with Cusack portraying a quick-witted businessman who had left everything behind, including his family, to start a new life after embezzling a client’s money.

Cusack's other feature films among others were "Con Air", "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", "The Thin Red Line", "Being John Malkovich", "Serendipity", "America's Sweethearts", "Identity", "The Raven", "Maps to the Stars", "Cell", and "Dragon Blade".

Twice nominated for Academy Awards for the Best Supporting Actress, John Cusack (birth name John Cusack) is an American actor, producer, puppeteer and screenwriter born on June 28, 1966, in Evanston, Illinois. Who has already made his presence in movies like ‘High Fidelity’, ‘Con Air’, ‘Being Joh Malkovich’, ‘Say Anything’, ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’, ‘Must Love Dogs’, ‘2012’, America’s Sweethearts’ and ‘The Butler’ that made him a establish celebrity in the industry.

She's super sweet and definitely has a type - she dates older men."The 43-year-old actor has never wed, while Burns was previously married to NIP/Tuck star Julian Mc Mahon, the father of her nine-year-old daughter.