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In turn, this suggests that a successful platform in the future will need to focus not on pairing consumers with advisors, but on helping consumers find an advisor who can answer their particular question – which forces advisors to actually choose a niche specialization by which they can For most of history, the traditional business model has been some form of pipeline business – one where the consumer buys a product or service that is delivered by the business in a series of linear steps from one end of the pipeline to the other.

Prior attempts at this model have largely failed, likely due to the fact that most advisors are such generalists that it’s not really feasible match them effectively with consumers in the first place.

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Both river systems are important for sediment delivery for beach nourishment along Ghana’s coast.

This work presents the first ever estimates of the sedimentation rates at the estuaries of these rivers using 40 cm long sediment cores.

Received date: April 14, 2016; Accepted date: June 21, 2016; Published date: June 28, 2016 Citation: Elvis N, Emmanuel K, Abdelmourhit L, Benmansour M (2016) Estimating Recent Sedimentation Rates Using Lead-210 in Tropical Estuarine System: Case Study of Volta and Pra Estuaries in Ghana, West Africa. Visit for more related articles at Journal of Oceanography and Marine Research The Volta River and its basin form about one-third of Ghana's total land area and contributes significantly to the hydrological network of the country’s river system while River Pra basin is noted for large and small scale mining activities within it.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Sediment accumulation rates were estimated using the 210Pb sediment dating technique which is based on alpha and gamma emitting radionuclides.

The total 210Pb concentration in the sediment was measured with an alpha spectrometer while the activities of supported 210Pb and 137Cs were measured with a gamma spectrometer with high germanium n-type detector.

In point of fact, though, the financial services industry is already filled with platform businesses.

Arguably, stock market exchanges are one of the oldest and original types of platforms to connect buyers and sellers.

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