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He’s quickly becoming one of our fave male Hollywood stars, and now Charlie Hunnam has said that he’d love to make cooking videos for social media, and this is something we could 100% get behind. The actor recently told that he loves to cook for his partner Morgana Mc Nelis, sharing how he cooked a massive meal for 15 people to celebrate her birthday. In fact, the actor is often making our hearts swell, whether it’s talking about what masculinity means today or gushing over his love for David Beckham.

“I would love to do a Game of Thrones cameo,” Hunnam told The Sun this week.- Jamie Graham - 2/5 This is a tonal misfire, its characters cut down by a blitzkrieg of whip pans, CGI and thunderous percussion.And with Ritchie again rummaging in his increasingly threadbare bag of tricks, the result is a movie more jaundiced than jaunty.Gushing about his " incredible girlfriend" the actor told the outlet, "A lot of the theme of this film is about the conflict of trying to do what we want for ourselves and our lives and bringing forth our personal aspirations and dreams for ourselves, and the conflict of how that affects the other people in our lives and our other responsibilities.So I just wanted to feel lonely and selfish so it worked.He's the star of upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

But Charlie Hunnam, 37, has revealed that he would love to reprise the role that first made him a name - as cocky 15-year-old schoolboy Nathan Maloney in controversial gay drama Queer As Folk.Charlie was asked if as a serious actor, he minded the times when he just needed to look buff and hold a sword, quipping: 'It’s all about balance of spectacle and substance and if there is balance I am happy to get my kit off!'Speaking about his impressively muscular physique in the film, Charlie said, 'I wasn’t ripped at all when I auditioned – I’d been in Sons of Anarchy and lost a lot of weight... 'He was very concerned about it and would bring it up a lot.'The wrap party came and went and no sword arrived.I was disappointed.'With great fanfare, and to Charlie’s surprise, Guy presented him with a real, custom-made sword.Let's get married and then we'll have to see each other again even if it's just to get divorced.

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